New Zealand national has admitted to planning a violent robbery at a massage parlour and tying up two workers during the terrifying incident. 

James Garner Daniel and Damien Charles Kleidon pleaded guilty to a string of offences in relation to the break-in at a Thai massage parlour, in Oxenford, on the Gold Coast, on July 1 last year. 

Daniel, 39, a New Zealand national and Kleidon, 36, were sentenced in Southport District Court on Wednesday after they both pleaded to one count each of armed robbery in company, attempted robbery in company and two counts of deprivation of liberty.

Daniel also pleaded guilty to one count each of stealing, wilful damage and unlawful entry.

The court heard that the pair tried to enter the massage parlour but were confronted by two female workers. 

Armed with a fake gun, Daniel ordered the women to hand over money and their phones, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

'If you don't do what we say I will shoot you,' Daniel told the women.

The court heard that one worker gave Daniel $300 cash, before he snatched her handbag when she refused to hand over her phone. 

The other worker gave the men her phone but she didn't have any money as she attempted to hide her car keys. 

The court heard that Kleidon spotted a CCTV camera which he 'rendered it useless'

Daniel then pointed the fake gun at the women and ordered them to put their hands behind their backs.

He then used cable ties to tie their hands before leading the women to a massage room where they blocked from leaving. 

The court heard that Daniel managed to find car keys that belonged to one of the women on a sofa and demanded her to give him the pin to unlock her phone. 

He smashed the phone and  he ransacked her car after she refused to give him the code. 

The two women managed to escape from the room before Daniel and Kleidon fled the scene in a white hatchback. 

Police who arrived at the scene a short time later and arrested the two men three days. 

The court heard that Daniel confessed to committing the crime when he was questioned by police and said he thought of the idea to rob the massage parlour, after he had a lot to drink. 

He told police that he needed money and that he and Kleidon were living in his car.

Kleidon told police he agreed to Daniel's plan to rob the parlour 'to make sure nothing bad happened'

The court also heard that Daniel turned to drugs and alcohol following the deaths of his son and then his mother, who died a week before the robbery.  

Daniel was sentenced to five years behind bars but could be eligible for parole in May 2025.

Kleidon was jailed for three years but could be granted parole within weeks.

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