Convicted baby killer Lucy Letby was back in court today as a retrial heard how the nurse allegedly tried to murder a girl just hours after she was born by dislodging her breathing tube. 

The prosecution laid out its case to jurors at Manchester Crown Court where they say Letby, 34, was 'virtually caught red-handed' trying to kill the newborn, known as Baby K, in February 2016

The jury at Letby's 10-month trial at the same court was last August unable to reach verdicts on six counts of attempted murder in relation to five children. She is being retried over one of those counts.

Today on the Daily Mail's award-winning podcast, The Retrial of Lucy Letby discusses the prosecution's opening statement.

Nick Johnson KC, for the Crown, told jurors how senior paediatrician on the neonatal unit -  Dr Ravi Jayaram - walked in to see the nurse alone in the room and standing over Baby K's incubator. 

'Baby K was connected to a ventilator that was breathing for her, she was also connected to another machine that was checking her heart rate and her saturations – her oxygen levels in her blood,' he said.

'The reason the alarms did not sound was because somebody had disabled them.

'When Dr Jayaram walked into the nursery he saw Lucy Letby was standing over Baby K. Baby K's blood oxygen, her saturations, were falling but the alarm was not sounding, and not only that, but Lucy Letby was doing nothing.

'We say that, in those circumstances the only reasonable thing for a nurse to have done was call for help or use the neo-puff to breathe for the child.

'The reason that Baby K was desaturating was that her endotracheal tube had become displaced and we suggest that the fact that Lucy Letby was doing nothing, and the fact the alarms were not sounding, is evidence from which you can conclude that it was Lucy Letby, the convicted murderer, who had displaced the tube.

'It's a very simple factual issue in this case, if that tube was misplaced, how did it happen?'

Baby K died later after being transferred to a different hospital. Mr Johnson told the jury: it was not suggested that Letby's actions had caused her death, but that she had tried to kill her. 

The podcast also hears how Letby became tearful as her barrister, Ben Myers KC, outlined why she says she is innocent and has been wrongly blamed for moving the tube. 

'She doesn't agree that she interfered with the tubing at any point or that she did anything to harm Baby K, so ultimately this case comes down to a pretty strict issue whether you can be sure that Baby K's desaturation at around 3.45am was because Lucy Letby interfered with her breathing tube and did nothing to help, or not, and that allegation depends fundamentally upon the evidence of Dr Jayaram,' Mr Myers said.  

'If his account is not truthful or accurate then there is no safe basis for convicting Lucy Letby on this charge.'

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