MANILA, Philippines — The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) has ordered the municipal government of Balilihan in Bohol to explain the permit it issued to extract water from the neighboring town of Sevilla.

In a petition dated Jan. 18, the Sevilla local government unit (LGU) asked the NWRB to restrain Balilihan from extracting water from Bugwak Spring in Barangay Magsaysay. It said Balilihan does not have a water permit issued by the NWRB.

Aside from lack of proper permit, the Sevilla LGU said requirements of posting and sending of notice under Section 9 of the amended implementing rules and regulations of the Water Code were not complied with.

The case against the LGU of Balilihan started in May 2022 when residents of Barangay Magsaysay reported construction works, including the installation of water lines, in their community to Mayor Juliet Dano.

A private lot owner had earlier sued the Balilihan LGU for building a P95-million water facility on its property.                                      

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