• Elf Bar has been accused of skirting British nicotine laws
  • Its new AF5000 vape hold the maximum amount of liquid nicotine
  • But it has a clip-on reservoir that may push it over the legal limit 

Chinese vaping giant Elf Bar has been accused of skirting UK law with a £12.99 device that has the strength of 240 cigarettes.

The AF5000 is advertised as coming pre-filled with 2ml of liquid nicotine – the legal maximum for a disposable e-cigarette.

But it also has a clip-on 10ml ‘reservoir’ taking its total up to 12ml, allowing 5,000 ‘puffs of huge satisfaction’ from a single device.

The EU has alerted member states about the ‘dangerous’ device, which is likely to lead to a Europe-wide ban.

There are calls to strip it from UK shelves as well amid fears it could fall into the hands of vulnerable young people.

Steve Brine, former chairman of the Commons health committee, said: ‘This cynical move will surprise nobody. These businesses will always find a way to protect profits, which is why the law has to stay several steps ahead of them.’

Former Tory MP Caroline Johnson, a paediatric consultant, said: ‘This is a clear sign that the industry will do anything to skirt the law so it can addict more people to nicotine products.

‘These new devices are clearly not intended to help people quit smoking but as an alternative source of addiction to make revenue.’

Last night, Elf Bar insisted the AF5000 was compliant with the law and said it was investigating the EU alert.

A spokesman said: ‘We take product compliance in all global markets seriously and follow the necessary steps to meet relevant criteria.’

The MHRA, which is responsible for enforcing vape regulations, was contacted for comment.

Last year, some supermarkets stopped selling Elf Bar products after a Mail investigation found they were considerably stronger than advertised.

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